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There are two types of flags in BZFlag: team flags and super flags. Team flags only show up in the Capture The Flag game mode.

Super flags come in both a good and bad variety. Servers can choose to include specific flags, and many do not include any bad flags at all. Some servers may not have any flags.

Good Flags

Good super flags provide some additional benefit, such as faster movement, a smaller tank, or different weapons like laser or guided missile.

Abbr Name Description
A Agility Tank is quick and nimble making it easier to dodge.
BU Burrow Tank burrows underground, impervious to normal shots, but can be steamrolled by anyone!
CL Cloaking Makes your tank invisible out-the-window. Still visible on radar.
G Genocide Killing one tank kills that tank's whole team.
GM Guided Missile Shots track a target. Lock on with right button. Can lock on or retarget after firing.
V High Speed Tank moves faster. Outrun bad guys.
ID Identify Identifies type of nearest flag.
IB Invisible Bullet Your shots don't appear on other radars. Can still see them out window.
JP Jumping Tank can jump. Use Tab key. Can't steer in the air.
L Laser Shoots a laser. Infinite speed and range but long reload time.
MG Machine Gun Very fast reload and very short range.
MQ Masquerade In opponent's hud, you appear as a teammate.
N Narrow Tank is super thin. Very hard to hit from front but is normal size from side. Can get through small openings.
OO Oscillation Overthruster Can drive through buildings. Can't back up or shoot while inside.
PZ Phantom Zone Teleporting toggles Zoned effect. Zoned tank can drive through buildings. Zoned tank shoots Zoned bullets and can't be shot (except by superbullet, shock wave, and other Zoned tanks).
QT Quick Turn Tank turns faster. Good for dodging.
F Rapid Fire Shoots more often. Shells go faster but not as far.
R Ricochet Shots bounce off walls. Don't shoot yourself!
SE Seer See stealthed, cloaked and masquerading tanks as normal.
SH Shield Getting hit only drops flag. Flag flies an extra-long time.
SW Shock Wave Firing destroys all tanks nearby. Don't kill teammates! Can kill tanks on/in buildings.
ST Stealth Tank is invisible on radar. Shots are still visible. Sneak up behind enemies!
SR Steamroller Destroys tanks you touch but you have to get really close.
SB Super Bullet Shoots through buildings. Can kill Phantom Zone.
TH Thief Steal flags. Small and fast but can't kill.
T Tiny Tank is small and can get through small openings. Very hard to hit.
US Useless You have found the useless flag. Use it wisely.
WG Wings Tank can drive in midair.

Bad Flags

Bad super flags disable parts of the tank or reduce performance of the tank.

Abbr Name Description
B Blindness Can't see out window. Radar still works.
BY Bouncy Tank can't stop bouncing.
CB Colorblindness Can't tell team colors. Don't shoot teammates!
FO Forward Only Can't drive in reverse.
JM Jamming Radar doesn't work. Can still see.
LT Left Turn Only Can't turn right.
M Momentum Tank has inertia. Acceleration is limited.
NJ No Jumping Tank can't jump.
O Obesity Tank becomes very large. Can't fit through teleporters.
RC ReverseControls Tank driving controls are reversed.
RO ReverseOnly Can't drive forward.
RT Right Turn Only Can't turn left.
TR Trigger Happy Tank can't stop firing.
WA Wide Angle Fish-eye lens distorts view.