There are lots of ways to get help with BZFlag! Many of these are also useful if you want to help contribute to the game in some way.

Quick Start

New to the game and want to get started quickly? Check out our Getting Started guide!


BZFlag has the following IRC channels on Freenode (

Web Forums

BZFlag hosts a forum for registered users. This also serves as a player registration system for the game.

Common Support Issues

The Common Support Issues page lists a number of the common problems with the game, and their resolutions.


The game is documented via a series of manual pages (or man pages).

On Microsoft Windows the manual pages are in HTML format, and are available from the start menu.

On Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, they are installed by default and can be accessed by using the man command and one of the following pages:

Further Support

If none of these methods provide a resolution to your problem, the project maintains a issue tracker on GitHub where an issue can be opened.