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If you use Homebrew on macOS, you may download BZFlag via the brew command. Alternatively, you may download our binary below and drag the .app into your Applications directory. Then right/control click (or two finger tap) on the application and choose Open.

brew install --cask --no-quarantine bzflag
Gatekeeper Warning
The --no-quarantine flag is required as of 2.4.20 to install via Homebrew as our executable is not currently signed.

If you use Flatpak or Snapcraft on your Linux system, you may install BZFlag through the flatpak or snap command.

Alternatively, you may install from your package manager or compile from source. Note that some distribution packages may automatically run a game server.

flatpak install flathub org.bzflag.BZFlag
snap install bzflag

Download 2.4.22 source as

Released on February 27, 2021

Release Summary

This release fixes several issues with SDL 2 window management. This fixed a lot of edge cases, mainly with macOS and Linux. There were also a few other minor fixes with plugins and the handling of autopilot and bots.

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  • Fix many issues with SDL 2 window management - Joshua Bodine, Scott Wichser
  • The playHistoryTracker plugin now tracks kills correctly - Scott Wichser
  • Local shotID was not being set in bz_eShotFiredEvent - Agatha
  • Send active autopilot statuses to a joining player - Scott Wichser
  • Fix solo bots being kicked when rejoining to a server - Scott Wichser
  • Fix the backspace key not working on the bzadmin Curses menu - Scott Wichser


BZFlag is licensed under the LGPL 2.1 and MPL 2.0 and is free to use/distribute/modify as long as the terms of the license are followed.

Other Releases

The source code repository is available on GitHub for BZFlag and our related sub-projects.

Previous releases are available in the download archive and on GitHub.