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BZFlag 2.0.16

Release Date
Release Name
"No Foolin'"

Change Log

  • Fix command line options in Windows launcher - Scott Wichser
  • Fix regression in protocol handling by server - Jeff Makey, Scott Wichser
  • Add bullet tails as seen out the viewport - trepan
  • Add observer mouse controls for roaming and tracking modes - trepan
  • Add the /forceradar client-side command for observers - trepan
  • Minor cleanup of source and build system - Jeff Makey
  • Explicitly link to the dl library when needed - Jeff Makey
  • Remove unused dependency on Xi library - Jeff Makey
  • Clarify copyright assignment terms for developers - Jeff Myers
  • Allow only one Enter message per player instance - Jeff Makey
  • Add TimeLimit plugin - Steven Mertens
  • Remove broken vocaliser and obsolete torBlock plugins - Jeff Myers